Oh CNN – the basics of running – I guess – Quick Hit

CNN decided to make an article about the unique things that “happen” to you when you run for long periods of time.  All of which are true by the way…it was just really laugh out loud funny to see all of them in one place!  Oh my…it sounds incredibly horrible…and why would you put yourself through this…and why would anyone do this insane things to themselves all to have potty and chafing problems!!!

Because it’s freakin awesome!  Haven’t you ever heard of a runner’s high before???

Sorry CNN – but you almost make it sound like you DON’T want people to run… (black nails, weird toes, etc.)…which by the way sounds more like a shoe problem then anything else.



Navajo Nation – Worth the Read – Running Locale

It’s the New York Times…and let’s be honest most of what they put out is absolutely worth the read, at least to check out what’s going on…and when this one came across about two of the things that are incredibly relevant then I figured it would be cool to pass on!  First off, out West…a previous location of which I resided, there are numerous Native American reservations, and the locations of which they live are sometimes absolutely exquisite!  The southwestern half of Colorado is an absolute Gem, and one that if you have not experienced, then you need to go see the four corners monument!  Second, they talk about the benefits, and experiences of running on said reservations with the locals, and how much it can impact their health and lifestyle!  It’s a read…but absolutely well worth it!  Keep running man!

For crying out loud…Say Hello!

What is a common courtesy?  Holding a door when someone is right behind you?  Sure!  Opening a door for someone and letting them in first?  In some instances….yep!  How about helping an old lady to cross the street?  Doesn’t come up that much but I think we would all be there for that right?  So why is it that only about 50% of runners and walkers wave hello to a passing runner?

I might be the exception here, but I always no matter what throw up the high five to say hello!  There are quite a few responses that I get back, and they do vary quite a bit as to their exertion level, assertiveness, and location.  Let’s explore!

The first one, and by far the best is the full out “Hey, how’s it going,” or “That was a good race huh…how’d you do?”  This is usually done after they see a tech shirt that I am wearing that advertises a race that I have done.  What comes from this?  A new face to face interaction, which always is fun!

Now…from here on out…it sort of goes down.  The next one is still great, it’s just not as cool as the first one, and probably encompasses the majority of folks who actually acknowledge you.  I call these folks the “Wavers/Hey-ers.”  As I pass by, and casually throw up my high five, and say hello, they act just like a mirror and do the same.  Just a common courteous act of acknowledgement.  I have one runner that I pass by about every 4-5 days due to schedules and travel, and actually throws up a thumbs up with a huge smile!  How cool is that!  How different, and I can absolutely tell you that it makes a difference on my run.  I am thinking about how cool that thumbs up was, and not the next half mile that I just ran.

We are almost to the last group, but there is one right there in the middle.  I call these folks the “1-uppers.”  Simply put, they…at the last minute…just before they ignore you…notice that you are throwing up the high five….throw up a single finger and thumb in a weird “L” spot.  It’s one of those that you’re not sure if you should be happy that they acknowledged you, or  kind of a little mad that they did it just to reconcile the high five you threw their way….which leads us to our last group….

These folks….at this point….are pretty identifiable.  Running along on a trail, or any other 2 way section of track, you casually run by….throw up the high five and a “hey,” and what do they do?  Well, let’s put it this way….these folks are called the “Nadas.”  They do nothing….nada…zip…zilch!  Literally, they just pass by and don’t even acknowledge you’re there.  On my morning runs, which by the way, there are only a few of us out there, and each time we all pass each other, it’s pretty much a one on one experience, there is one guy who is a “Nada.”  I know each and every time, I am going to pass him (which by the way, he has a very unique running style, so I know when that’s going to be about ½ a mile away), I will throw up the high five, and in return….nothing.  It’s like a crescendo in music in which the symphony builds and builds and the music gets louder and louder and all of a sudden……..it stops.  There is no big gong or flow, or ending on a final boom.  It just stops.  That’s how I feel about “Nadas.”

What are you?  Are you a conversation person?  A Waver/Higher?  A 1-Upper?  Hopefully not a Nada!  Whatever you are…be that person for a reason.  Be who you are because truthfully….that is who you are.  So before I get all philosophical about who you are and what you are is who you are and how you are you are….just make sure before you do say whatever it is to acknowledge that passing runner, you look down and make sure you’re not going to trip….and lace up!

Previously Posted July, 2011

ASICS Quick Lyte – Gear

Through almost twenty years of running the different types of footwear and socks are too numerous to count, and the fact that it would even come to think about actually noticing a difference in them is somewhat interesting at this point unless i was absolutely all of a sudden having a major problem…but it’s actually the opposite!

Last time I️ went and got my Cumulus shoes the rep told me that I needed to make sure that because ASICS made a change to their shoes (some kind of liner)…I needed to make sure that the socks I was using were running socks…otherwise the inner liner could wear out…or something like that. Truth be told I was half paying attention and more or less just listening to the fact that the socks were on sale and I figured I needed another set of three.

By the time I got home and actually had a chance to use them though, I was quite impressed! They weren’t too heavy like some of the form fitting ones can be, and they fit my little feetsies just right! When they got in my shoes they gave a little cushion and actually felt like the shoes fit a little better! Now look…are these socks going to help me run faster or more efficiently or leap over buildings? Probably not…but hey!…it’s always good to find some good inexpensive socks!

A Freakin’ Boston Cream Pie! – Reason to Run

Traveling in Boston as a runner there are so many places to go things to do and marathon lines to cross…but this is absolutely not a post about a recent trip to one of the oldest cities in the country…it’s about one of the oldest deserts in that old city and how incredibly good it actually is…and how when you are in this Running town you need to run extra far so that you can partake in this incredible desert multiple times in multiple locations!!!

The Boston Cream Pie…which apparently didn’t look like a Pie at all in its original form when it was invented in the Parker House hotel in downtown Boston.

It looked more like a pastry wrapped in coconut bristles and then glazed over the top with chocolate and served with whip cream and strawberries. But man oh man who cares!!! It’s good! Not to mention that the whip cream is usually homemade and the cake is as fluffy as you can expect!

Look…there are all sorts of reiterations of this now to include actual pies and pastries and the basic donut from Dunkin….which to be honest are all pretty gosh darn good and no matter where you are all of these are worth the extra run in order to have them.

Just make sure the one you get has extra custard (not cream) and a nice fluffy cake and of course topped with chocolate! You’ll be alright!

This is football 9 weeks in…

Who in the heck had these four leading the NFC?!? Seriously! Eagles…what? Most people had the giants or Cowboys going to the super bowl! Eagles probably third or fourth in the division!

Saints!! That deserves two exclamations…although…any team Drew Brees is on pretty much deserves a good grade to start out. But dang! I mean the Falcons who literally alomosf killed the patriots in last years debacle and then the Bucs who everyone thought they had the golden child of QBs before he started eating his hand…the saints!

Then the Vikings…but without either QB that they thought would be taking them this far! What in the…

Finally the biggest “what the” of them all…the LA Rams! A QB who was basically left for dead, an rookie head coach, and then in the same division as the Seahawks! Whatever!

At this point give me a chicken in a helmet and I’ll say that they have a better chance of making the super bowl than any pick any one else is going to give!

South Florida…Running in Humidity! – Running Locale

Half of us have grown up here in South Florida, and once you cross the halfway Jacksonville border headed into the southern half of the state there is an amazing thing that comes over you…no it’s not the absolutely wonderful warmth that is always present and feels especially nice when it’s December and January everywhere else and high 70s down there!…No…it’s something called Humidity! Holy crap does it hit you like a brick wall when you’re not ready for it!

Coming down to the wonderful tropics during the winter is an especially interesting time. Running outside during the winter above Orlando gives you this wonderful sense of dryness and opens up your oxygen valves quite nicely.

Then…when you get to Ft Lauderdale or Miami Beach that oxygen feels like it’s being sucked into the air heated up and then given extra weight that you just can’t pass through your lungs! It’s like up North sucking it through an open container and then down south you are sucking it through a straw with bristles in it!!!

Look…love the temperature…love the ability that you don’t have to wear any long sleeve or pants any day that you are down there and the thought of wearing gloves and a ski hat out there is essentially non-existent save days when the locals feel that 65 in the morning might be a bit chilly…but man oh man does that brick wall of humidity make it somewhat impossible some days…

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