Weight Loss or Love?

Oh we all know that there is an obesity epidemic out there, and that McDonald’s intake has overtaken Apple intake in this country.  So the real question here is not that there is a problem, but to take a second and think about an idea with folks who are trying to fix it.  At some point in all of our running careers, we probably got the idea that this thing that makes us sweat and breathe hard, and cause slight cardiac distress, is really really good for us from a health standpoint.  In fact, some of us lugnuts probably realize that if we control our calorie intake, running can actually help us lose weight!

Look, I was at one point 35 pounds overweight from where I wanted to be (namely right after we moved back down south, and I remembered how great sweet tea, pecan pie, biscuits and gravy, and every other thing that Paula Dean is an expert at).  So at some point, I took running to the extreme of helping me lose weight.

My direction here, is that at some time along the way, that “weight loss” idea turned into…”man….I really really enjoy doing this!”  Well, what was the tipping point (which FYI, is a great book by Malcom Gladwell)?  What was the point, in which I sat there and said…forget this losing weight thing…I’m running, well, just to run!

It was probably around the time that I realized that I was actually not half bad at this thing.  I was always given the idea that a 10 minute mile was a consistent even tracked average time to do a mile in.  That was a good “lose weight” cardiac rate.  So, for a while, I was happy with that 30.00 3 mile time!  Hey….some days…I am still happy with that 3 mile time (usually right after we have some friends out to the local Mexican restaurant).

During my first few timed races, I started to notice a trend…I was actually getting better times than those 10 minute averages I was practicing with.  When my running parents would ask me what my time was, I would casually tell them, and to my surprise (being new to all of this), they would come back with a “I never got that time,” or “Holy Cow, did you place in your age?  That’s a great time!”  I actually did place one time in my age group, but I think it was because there weren’t too many of us there that day.  Oh well…I got a medal!

No matter if it was like me the time you realize you might be ok at this thing called running, or if you just started with a friend, and something twitched in your brain….you realized that you love it!  If you haven’t realized it yet….keep trying.  It might not be for you, but it still might be.  You just have to find your groove.  But please…please…before you just throw things up in there air and say you hate it because the last time you went out you tripped over your shoes…the next time you go out….look down….and lace up!



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