July 17th, 2011 – What a day in sports!

Can you say goose bumps!!!  Running today took a major backseat to some unbelievable international events…and the parallels to our little community are just about as straight forward as well…a ruler?…yeah!

So some guy from Northern Ireland, who looks like he personally needs a running coach there, took part in some little tournament where you swing a long metal object numerous times trying to hit a little tiny white ball into hall with as little hits as possible.  That about sum it up?  Darren Clarke, who how could you not pull for this guy…wife died 5 years ago due to a long battle with breast cancer…just one of the guys attitudes…self-proclaimed casual pint lover…took the tournament by the horns in squall like weather!  If you have ever been on the Northeast coast during those summer months and experience a summer squall, it’s quite entertaining…and to try and play golf in it…well…good luck with that!

Now Darren literally had to pace his timing, and just hold down the fort once he was ahead.  The other golfers around him would catch up…then fall off…then come up again…and fall off.  Just as a runner throughout a race gets to a certain lead…and the others pace up behind…the leader just needs to make smart persistent decisions to continue and thrive.  Be persistent, and good things will come…and in this case…maybe a pint of Guinness!

The second event, took a squad of a little bit better athletes than ol Darren back there…and asked them to kick around an inflated ball for 120 minutes into the back of a big ol net.  The ladies World Cup championship was one of the greatest sporting events in recent memory.  It even sparked me to get up off my keister when it was all done, and go for a run!  How much more inspiring is that!  Japan vs. the USA (the Japanese eventually won it with penalty kicks), provided jumping and hitting and moving and shaking and pain and sorrow and joy and triumph and sadness…and that was just in my living room!

This isn’t going to be a recap of the game or where the technical issues might have played…but a parallel to the sport of moving your legs fast.  In fact, this whole sport is about moving your legs fast, and with respect to team USA…Japan just moved their legs a little bit faster.  As a racer moved into a lead, and is constantly caught by a following runner…eventually, the follower uses that last burst to pull past the consistent leader.  Unlike with ol Darren above, the persistent follower took the reins at the last minute, and pulled ahead to win it all.

Kudos to every athlete that participated on July 17, 2011.  It was a great day in sports…a great day to be an athlete…and a great day to be a fan.  There aren’t many days where we can enjoy consistent joy…triumph…sadness…and fun…again…just in our living rooms.  The real end to the day is when you sit down and realize what just transpired…what just took place from morning till night.  For me, when it was all said and done…and the TV was eventually off…I wanted to prove it to myself…that I could achieve something that day and be a part of this unique celebration of sport.  But I sure as heck had to make sure…that before I went out for my little post watching run…I looked down…so I didn’t trip over my stupid golf shoes, or soccer cleats…and laced up!



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