July Soundtrack…Songs to break the heat!

Oh it’s really hot out now…so we need to make sure that the songs I give you this time are at least going to do something for you out there.  Here is what’s pushing me along this month on my shuffle…

First off, and this one is straight down from the southland where I am, is by a band from the great ol Palmetto state…(man did that sentence sound like a radio DJ intro).  Anyway…the band is” Need to Breathe,” and the song is “Girl Named Tennessee.”  Look, if you don’t like southern rock…stay away!  It’s straight forward driving beats about well….a girl named Tennessee.  This quartet drives the beat home with this brief 2.57 minute song, but well worth it!

Up next in our driving down the needle section…straight from…well…not sure how to put this one.  The song was written by a band from the Bay Area of California, and was somewhat popular, but the real version that bungles my goose bumps is the NYC version!  If you haven’t heard the Broadway cast version of “21 Guns” originally written by obviously “Green Day,” then trust me….you are missing out on a great running song!  This thing goes from a smooth quite rock ballad to an all-out choral blast your face off into your shorts composition!  It will absolutely get you through your distance if needed, which after all, is what we are trying to do anyway.

Back down South…by yet another song written by someone else, and performed by another group.  The song which defines the great Peach state in which corners the country down here, was originally written by an ol country star (Charlie Daniels), and re-performed in a live version by another Georgia boy, Zac Brown and his band of cohorts, the Zac Brown Band.  Now this North GA performer has taken the already fast paced, religious under toned, beat your pants in, “Devil Went Down to Georgia,” and basically put a stock car engine inside.  The cut-time story of how Johnny kicked the bejesus out of the Devil in a fiddle duel just gets your blood flowing.  No matter if it’s the first song you hear on your shuffle, or the last one to get you home, this thing will put a firecracker up your….well…you know.

Sticking on the car theme here with our last one this month.  This exactly 3.00 minute long, mono-toned sung, racing themed song allows for a perfect tempo for those middle of the road sections where you need something to pick you up.  These guys…so aptly named for a piece of desert, give us a song that well…is so aptly named for where we want to go!  “Cake” gives us “The Distance” in a nice evenly structured patter; almost like…well…running steps!  I mean…who wouldn’t want something on there with lyrics like…”He’s going the distance…He’s going for Speed…!”

Look…it’s hot…it’s gross…here it’s humid, there it’s dry….I mean it’s freaking July!  The last few times I’ve been out…these have gotten me through that gross buildup of excess sweat, bugs, and dive bombing flies (but that’s another story for another post).  I hope this help out, but please, before you grab your ear buds, and start busting a groove to Johnny’s fiddle playing, look down, and please…for heaven’s sake…lace up!


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