The real question…to shave or not to shave….hmmmm

As it would go, I was not blessed with flowing locks of follicular goodness by my ancestors.  In simple words, I have no hair up top.  I look like a bald eagle in mid-flight each time I go out.  The best way for me to handle it is the taking of a hair clipper blade #1 and letting go all my inhibitions onto the floor.  Now the question comes up, to shave or not to shave?

Let’s break down the actual act of this strange idea first.  Our ancestors…monkeys (look… just for arguments sake…let’s say they were monkeys)…are completely hairy!  In fact, they thrive on being so much so…so to them…keep it on.  Somewhere along the generational gapping of our species, we all decided that shaving every last piece of our hair on our bodies would make us more “aerodynamical.”  Whether you’re a cycler or a runner or a swimmer, the tiny little hairs all over your body…to some…act like tiny little parachutes, catching the wind and slowing you down…ok?

Look, the hair on my legs, and around the side of my head is the only place left (I’m trying to be G rated here) that I can still see that at one time I had nice brown coloring (well, ok, in college there was a time in which the top of my head was completely bleached blonde…which now that I think about it probably directed me down the path of complete shininess up top).  Why would I take that away?  There is serious doubt among researchers if the “drag” from those tiny little strands really does anything to your PR in a race.

Now sports and racing is a huge portion mental, and there is to some degree the thought process involved here in that you “feel” faster if you’re clean and sleek.  I get that!  All that can really be said from this side of it is that if you don’t have it, you save what you’ve got!  Every…last…strand!!!

On the other hand…if you chop it off…there is never one single thought about what your head looks like after a run with a hat on!  In fact, it could be a headband, visor (especially if you’re trying to tan up top) or hat!  As long as something keeps the sweat out of your eyes…it’s a good accessory!

How about the ol sunglasses bend?  Where to the glasses go when you’re not using them?  Right up top!  So what happens if you have flowing locks up there?  You get this bend from the nose piece!  Now truth be told, you still get this actual dimple in your skull from those pieces with nada in the cerebral section…and in reality…it kind of looks freaky if someone doesn’t know what it’s from.  They may think your head is misshapen…or you may have come from a “galaxy far away.”  You know…let’s just call this one a draw.

Whose right is it to really say whether you should shave or not.  It’s a personal “mental” choice as to if you want to “feel” more sleek for the next race.  So get out there…grab your Mach3 (or do they make specific ones for really hairy people?)…and get that drag off your body!  Become the knife that cuts through the oncoming wind…be that streaking jet through the sky…but please…after you get all “clean”…look down…just so you know…you don’t trip…and lace up!


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