Bum Bump Bum Bum (hum it)

Who doesn’t love a wedding?!?  I’ve been the groom…the best man…the usher…the groomsmen…the flower girl (just checking)…and just an innocent bystander.  Seen a beach wedding, church wedding, grass wedding, mountain wedding, chapel wedding, judge wedding, Disney wedding.  Been to a Catholic wedding, Presbyterian wedding, Episcopal wedding, non-denominational wedding, and Jewish wedding.  I’ve never seen a run-away bride though…except on Wayne’s World (yet another underrated movie!)…but the year’s not over quite yet.  So where does our little running community come into play with the land of white dresses, white cakes, and white jackets (been to one of those too…looked like something straight out of a 1980’s music video)?

Everything from folks who’ve met in running groups, to two people that tripped over each other on a morning pass (cute story…ended well…trust me), running communities bring us all together.  Heck, my wife and I started dating and stayed together due to some part that we were both extremely active people that kept it up…plus I make a mean…actually she’s the better cook…well…I do great…actually…she’s the cleaner one…why is she still with me?

From those opportune moments of running spontaneity to just finding out that you all have something in common, it all can lead to that spectacular day of bliss.  Let running be a part of it!  Now what’s already been done…dress with shoes…yep…race with veil and tux shirt (which I just can’t understand how they became popular at all)…done!  How about the ol vows at the start line?  Seen it!  They usually wear the “just married” signs on their backs during the race (usually accompanied by cheers and “woohoos” by onlookers).  If you’re going to let running be a piece of your special event this time….GET CREATIVE!

Let’s take some of the recent changes and enhancements to the sport and brainstorm.  How about barefoot running weddings?!  Well…this might be short lived due to the fact that most new barefooters only run a short distance to start out, and actually give it up soon afterwards.  Let’s try running in high heels and shiny tux shoes!  Ohhhhhhh…..just thought about the blister mania that would occur.  Not good!  Alright…what if we…no that wouldn’t work…think about the flower disaster.  You know…let’s just leave it as it is.  Why expand when you have something that works!

Why this post now?  Well I do want to take a moment here and congratulate my sister and her future husband on their endeavors as they enter this most joyous occasion…and all that jazz.  As couples would go…whether your runners or bikers…or even couch lizards…be happy!  But if you do go out for a nice run together…take your bride/groom…and do what we’ve practiced over these last few times.  Let them know you care about them…care about their well-being…care if they trip while out there.  Tell them to take a moment…look down…and both of you for crying out loud…lace up!



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