What a great (hot/sweaty/weird) month?!?!

Hot…sweaty…long…and national goat cheese month!  Bring on August!  So aptly named for a good ol Roman emperor who pillaged and ransacked and all that stuff way back when in the BC AD eras.  So let’s take a closer look at this interesting…unbelievably hot time of year.

As we all understand…if you run in August…be prepared to get sweaty!  It is so darn hot during this time of year, that most times, there are no bugs out because they will become fried exoskeletons.  You don’t even need the magnifying glass during the beginning of this month.

Now, the ironic part to all of this is that the beginning part of this eight grouping of days is the exact time high school and college fall sports teams begin their full blown training camps!  So…bring on the cross country kids, throw out some football players in big pads and hot humid trenches, and heck…football games have big guys playing tubas at halftime, so get those marching bands ready in those full out cotton uniforms!

Heat training = strength for later.  Someone once told me that…I don’t think they ever lived in the south and experienced August in the southern part of Georgia.  It is down-right oppressive.  But there is a lot more to love about August than just the heat.  I mean, helllllloooo….it’s International Beer Day on August 5th!  That right there coincides with who knows how many 5 and 10K events on the calendar.  Who cares if it’s on a Friday this year?  Just celebrate it a little late with a Saturday morning 5K event with a post-race salute to all those German and Japanese lagers.

Let’s stay right here in the ol Red, White and Blue for the next opportune running moment…August 21st that is.  Our great state to the far…far…far west became a state way back when.  Hawaii, probably one of our prettier states celebrates becoming an official #50 on the 21st.  So if you’re doing a race around that time…throw on some hula skirts for fun…but please…wear some running shorts underneath!  We don’t need to be seeing something where it’s not supposed to be seen.  Thanks!

If you are up in the northern part of our country, right around the Black Hill Mountains…take some time the week of August where the noise level in this otherwise quiet town increases to undeniable decibel levels.  Heck…it may be faster for you to get around that week in Sturgis, SD to pack your running shoes!  Having driven through this quaint Dakota town, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to wake up early one morning and go for a run during that spectacle of showmanship…mainly just to see who is going to bed at that time…fun little thoughts from a non-biker.

Look, whether it’s running that extra mile to make sure you accounted for the extra calories you might need for National Panini Month, or ran out to the store to buy a nice onyx (birthstone) laced running pendant, enjoy this “oven” month of the year.  It’s gonna be hot, dry, humid, sunny, rainy, thundery (not sure that’s a word, but you get it), and fun!  Stay plenty hydrated, wear big ol sunglasses to protect your eyes, and just to alleviate yourself from worrying about one more thing…before you go out…look down before you line up for that Cataract Awareness month 5K…and lace up!

Photos: http://booyahsreef.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=17; http://budgetfab.com/2010/08/best-things-to-buy-in-august/


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