It’s a dry heat!

Yeah…but it’s our Desert!  And well…there’s a pretty cool little city right dead smack in the middle of all those mountains.  If you have ever covered the western part of the US, you’ve probably been to or experienced some sort of meeting in the Phoenix area.  Most of the time, you hope that those experiences are centered around some sort of golfing event, or massage time, or spa treatment.  And you sure as heck hope that it’s not in the June-July-August time frame.  Ever tried to run in Phoenix in the summer?  Oh yeah…it’s a treat!

So as Al Roker gets up there every morning on your local NBC affiliate, there are a lot of different colors that get thrown up on that map.  Let me help out…Phoenix is the one that is usually covered in orange or red!  Now if it’s January, and you’re from just about anywhere except LA or Miami, Phoenix is a great place to be!  It’s going to be 75 degrees and no humidity!  What do they call it?….oh yeah…it’s just a “dry heat!”

Well, as those months turn into longer days and shorter nights, the thermostat begins to rise just a wee bit.  In fact, you could probably walk straight up any wall after a run due to the fact those rubber soles have probably melted on the asphalt.  The summer heat is all about perspective; but there is something that just isn’t right about summer in Phoenix, Arizona.

Having traveled there for business in the summer numerous times, I’ve had the chance, again, numerous times to “test” the elements to a certain extent.  What I mean by “test,” is that you wake up extremely early (like 4 or 5am), and walk outside…and hope for the best!!  The last week I was there, which was in the heart of July, every morning run that we encountered was in the low to mid 90s…completely in the dark, in the desert, sweating our tails off!  But hey….it’s a dry heat!

Now, up to this point…sure…if you’re going to run in Arizona, you have to talk about the heat…but let me tell you something that this place has that not many other places do…unbelievable views!  Take some time…get up into those hills (where you just might…you actually just might catch a slight breeze), and look down at the desert floor.  Phoenix, like running in the foothills of Denver, provides such amazing light shows early in the morning as the heat center of the country wakes up. 

All in all…it’s summer!  It’s gonna be hot everywhere.  Why not try out this “dry heat” that Phoenicians speak so highly of.  Don’t be shocked though if you catch yourself up on literally…a mountain peak… running at 4:30am, and it’s 95 degrees outside.  That slight breeze that was alluded to earlier might feel more like an oven light on your face.  So in the end, be smart…drink plenty of water…if you absolutely have too during the day go out…wear sunglasses…and so you don’t fall on your face and cause an asphalt burn on your cheek…look down…and lace up!



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