I’m being attacked!…by bugs!

Trotting along…early in the summer months in the south…or really wherever to be blunt…there is a silent army that flexes its strength to the fullest!  This grouping of intricately constructed…what’s the right word here…PESTS!…are so unbelievably annoying…they probably don’t deserve this little topic, but here it goes.  BUGS!

Have you ever been running along on a wonderful path…possibly along a river or stream or creek…and all of a sudden you get it once.  Then again…and then yet again!  Dive bombing flying objects attacking your head as if it were a piece of dead rotting meat and they were the vultures.  Bugs are flat out annoying, and add in there the sweet nectar of sweat, and it’s a match made in…gotta be honest here….was going to say heaven…but thinking more like hell!

So what draws these aeronautical exoskeletal beings to your personal space?  Well, flies literally are feeding on you!  They use the molecules we give off during our ecstasy of running to basically keep on living.  Kind of ironic actually…us doing something we love to be healthier and live…providing something to a fly that…well…allows them to live!  Personally, I would rather they stay away from my pheromone laden sweat molecules.  (FYI…they eat the fatty portion that gets excreted in our sweat…just in case you wanted to be grossed out even a little more to this point)

Now there are absolutely ways to get around being attacked by flying bugger boos.  First off, go for a run with a lot of people.  Sheer numbers will be in your favor.  It’s quite amazing actually seeing a bug thriving on the sweet nectar of someone else as a group passes by unscathed.  Quite entertaining…and sadistic.

Second…just run when it’s so darn hot outside…that not even the bugs want to be there.  Late in the afternoon especially if it’s dry and unbearable for almost any human to be out there…is a great time to get away from bugs that especially don’t want to be out there!  I mean…running in the dead of the desert will probably produce less bug attacks than right next to a humid, steam laden pond/creek/lake/river bed!

Everything on earth needs a chance to survive.  We use our two legs to push forward and get that heart beat moving to a pace that allows us to get a “runners high!”  Bugs, the pests of this world…the annoying little pieces of “you-know-what” that they are…still need to survive.  Unfortunately, they use our byproducts as their food source.  So the next time you’re out there being dive-bombed by large insects, just be happy that you can be their food source…or…as I do…take your hand and bat the hell out of em (always quite refreshing once you nail one of them suckers!).  But please…before you smash guts into your palm…use that hand and look down…so you don’t trip into another bug…and lace up!

Photos: http://my.opera.com/cein_otto/blog/show.dml/4482259; http://celineparent.blogspot.com/2011/06/running-bug.html


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