Revel in your Sweat!!!

So what does a nice long soak in the tub feel like after a nice long run?  Well…pretty good!  Now…what does a nice long…soak in sweat feel like?  Pretty gross…right?!?  Heck no!  Do you revel in your sweat?  Do you see it as a trophy?  Do you feel like maximum achievement has been made when soaked to your bones?  Simply put…yep!

As runners what does this salt laced liquid that only comes at our peak performance time mean?  To some…nothing, to others…gross byproduct…and to most…achievement!  We all want to feel that every time we go out for a short, long, or any distance, that we “did something.”

Gotta be honest here…most of the time I measure this “something” by the amount of sweat on my clothes!  It’s actually a quite simple gauge.  Have you produced a nice short circle around your neck line, with minimum color change around the “pit” area?  That equals an ok production.  Have you maxed out your circular neck area?  Are your pit stains coming down your arm sleeve?  Is there now a semi-circle forming at the base of your back on your shorts/skirts/whatevers?  Now that’s a workout!  Give it up for that guy/girl!

Now is all sweat great?  Well…no, but you’ve gotta be a glass is half full kind of person to get by in this world.  So…if your nips are bleeding because of excess chafing and moisture…just think…”I’m sweating my tail off leading to blood, sweat, and soon tears!”  If your dripping all over your house floor as your wife yells at you to go back outside until you’re dried off…just go with…”Honey…I do this for you!…and…I’ll clean it up when I’m done dripping.”  Lastly…if you can’t see because there is so much flow into your eyes and it stings like all get out…think…”Maybe I should wear a hat next time.”

Look…you have to revel in your sweat!  Think of it as your daily trophy for achieving your gold medal in burning calories.  Think of it as your source of luscious fluid retraction that brings about the fountain of youth (that was a pretty good sentence huh?).  No matter what you think of it as…make sure if you do flow that wonderful salt filled luxury…you do re-hydrate.  Don’t be an idiot and make it a one way valve…sweating out, and not replacing.  That’s how people end up in bad places and in bad situations (see any article on dehydration).  But as idiots would go…don’t be a double moron here…and please…as your beginning to sweat your tail off…look down…and please…for the love of Aquarius…lace up!



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