Where did you come from?!?

So what’s a pedigree?  No not the dog food that our big pooch gobbles up and drools over every 6am and 6pm.  Am I talking about the temperature change measurement in this wonderful USA?  No…that’s DE-gree.  Well what about that girl who had her own TV show in the 90’s with curly hair…oh wait…that’s Feli-city…alright, alright….I could do this all day.  Pedigree is your background.  It’s your history…it’s what you are, or where you’ve been, or what your family has been, etc.  So how does that effect running?

I’ve got a little peddy if that’s what you want to call it.  Dad played soccer…mom a track athlete…both ran a few marathons…still do halfs every once in a while…actually had the chance to run a full while they ran the half in the same race.  It was quite a sentimental moment actually.  They were all their at the finish waiting for me…and I almost shed a tear…actually that might have been due to the lack of stamina I had at the end of the race with the finish line in sight.  It was quite brutal actually. 

So what makes you…well…you?  It’s your genes…hello!  No not your Levi’s!  You’re DNA!  When you’re born, everyone looks a little different.  Some of us were born with the ability to grow luscious locks on top of their head until ripe old ages.  Others (myself included) were born to lose all of those luscious locks before they turn 30!  A-W-E-S-O-M-E!  Look at it this way…some people were born with short twitch muscles…and others…long twitch.  Sprinters vs. Long distance runners.  Hurdlers vs. Long Jumpers.  Who knows what your “Levi’s” are telling you…just listen.

As runners…we’re all a different breed anyway, so figure out where you fall in.  Trust me, it’s not gonna take you long to know if you love the distance or the sprint.  Do you love the mantra of breathing or the push of strength through the 100 meter dash?  Do you love gu-gels…or no extra energy at all?  It’s all about personal preference…and who knows?…maybe that came from your parents!  Heck…maybe you came from two long distance runners and you’re going to turn out to be a sprinting champene!  Or maybe two sprinters produced the next Everest hiking giant!

Whatever may come from the two people that made you, embrace it!  You never know where it may take you.  But please…even if your genes didn’t “button their fly”…you…please…look down…and for crying out loud…lace up!


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