Time Freak, Snow-Capped, Disco-Pop, and Tractor Chicken!

Its August…it’s hot…we’ve gotta give you some songs this month to make you think and power you through this muggy obtrusive weather.  Let’s call this one…time freak…snow-capped…disco pop…and some good ol tractor chicken!

Dave Matthews and his band of cohorts are known for getting a little funky and weird on some basic music principles, but they totally out did themselves here on their latest album Big Whiskey and the Groo Grux King.  The song Seven…for those musically inclined takes the basic time signature of 4/4 (your basic song structure) or even 3/4 (your basic waltz structure) to a weird Alice in Wonderland place.  The entire song is written in 7/4 time frame.  This is just up surd!!!  Having some form of music background will cause you to sit there this entire song and try and figure out what the heck is going on and how the heck does he do that?!?  It’s actually quite a catchy song too, so it’ll additionally push you through till the end!

Let’s break you down into a cool setting now…bring yourself to the top of the mountain…whether on your snowboard…skis….or mountain bike…and just hit play!  Jane’s Addiction’s “Mountain Song” is an absolute blast and a half off the edge of a cliff!  Being the starting song for every long run for every snowboarding freak out there…this will push you to your limits moving those legs!  Just get ready for the lyrical spark right from the start of “Coming down the mountain!!!!!!”

Now let’s get into the era of pop-disco-alternative rock!!!  It’s the Killers!  Probably their most famous step into the limelight was with a good ol driving themed energetic tune centered on a guy’s love for some girl…”Mr. Brightside.”  Starts out with a nice little guitar riff that moves through the higher octave strings giving us some echoes of U2 or something like it.  It does seem like a positive song throughout…and sure enough…he is Mr. Brightside!  This thing doesn’t stop helping you on a run until the last note rings out…just enjoy!

Look…the last one here is just an all-time classic running song that, if it doesn’t give you goose bumps…then you’re a corpse!  There really is no getting around it.  If you have seen the movie, then you know the exact seen…you know exactly how it plays into the entire movie, and even how it gets “played” in the movie!  Bring on Footloose…Bring on Bonnie Tyler (also famous for Total Eclipse of the Heart)…and yes…bring on “Holding out for a Hero!”  From the first riffs…to the end of this 5 minutes plus song!  Rock…….it…….out!  Bring on those eighties style beats….those tractor chicken races…and get it going!

Look…its hot…sticky…and sure enough going to give each of you difficulty getting through, but hopefully these tunes will help out.  Start out with some thought provoking time frames, pump out some cooled down mountain music, liven it up with euro-American pop, and wrap it up with eighties inspiration!  That’s what August needs…and that’s what was on the shuffle this month…but please…before you get yourself into a tractor chicken race with some wacko…look down at those running boots and please….lace up!


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