Find your inner battlefield participant!

EPIC MOVIE!  BATTLE SCENE!  “FREEDOM!!!”  Are you pumped up yet?  What do all of these things have in common?  Yeah…ok…they pretty much emulate Braveheart…but that’s not what I’m looking for.  What was William Wallace?  Who were the men who fought with him?  What did they endure?  Where am I going with this?!?  WARRIORS!

So the new trend that is gripping the country and sparking events in just about every state, city, college town, etc. is this thing called the “Warrior Dash.”  If you haven’t heard about it, just narrow your mind down to a few key points:  teamwork…a little running…mud pits…FIRE…jumping…leaping…you get the point?  These “events”…because really…that’s what they are…events…are just about good ol dirty fun.  In the end…every participant looks like they just battled through the mud pits of a battlefield and braved the brown clay that encompasses most of the USA…because…in actuality…that’s what they all did!

So what are the so-called obstacles?  Look…that’s about as difficult to answer as what is quantum physics!  They are all different!  Sure there are some similar ones in each of the locations, but each has its own little tweak.  Here are the ones in one southern town.  Start out with a nice little trot from a starting line with fire blowing out the top, to so – termed “slithering swamp.”  Let’s move onto something a little more intriguing…the “road-rage”…then the “barricade breakdown.”  No…I am not going to give details on each one…use your imagination!  Moving from there it’s a nice walk in the woods into the “great warrior wall”…then the “tire tread”…and slowly moving over to the “cargo climb” and “chaotic crossover.”  From here it’s heaven on earth!  Just finish up with “arachnophobia,” “blackout,” “petrifying plunge,” a nice trip through “muddy mayhem” and wrapping things up…”menacing minefield” and “warrior roast.”  (I’m exhausted already!)

Look…every single piece of this event is going to tell you that it is an absolute physical race…and yes…it is!  Their motto is quite simple… come on out…no matter the “skill” level.  It’s more mental than anything, and the obstacles are meant to be overtaken!

So do you want a break from that little 500 person 5K race (when you’ve been doing 6-10 milers for years now)…do you need something to spark your cardio one of these weekends?  Grab some buds (and some friends too)…put on your goofy clothing…find your inner growl…and become a warrior.  Would we have ever known that William Wallace was 10 feet tall and consumed the English with fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightning from his ass…if he wasn’t a warrior?  No!  So get out there!  But please…before you leap that fire pit…or jump through the mud pool…look down…or just wear slip ons…cause you might lose em anyway…and lace up!



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