Droplets of goodness!

“I’m singing…in the rain…just singing…in the rain…what a wonderful…feeling…”  You get the point.  Look…singing, walking, doing anything in the rain is all about the moment.  It just depends on what the specific situations are.  Let’s explore!

First scenario…if you’re a runner…and you haven’t experienced this one…expand your view!  Wake up in the morning…step outside expecting a full blown heat brigade (summer time), and it’s like an oasis when you open the door to see the overcast blanket that covers the sky!  When it’s raining, instead of blazing heat…it is an open invitation to go out and enjoy yourself!  Look…if you think you’re not going to get wet…wrong…if you think you’re not going to get a little chafed…really wrong…if you think your hair is not going to get messed up a little and that every last piece of you is going to be soaked…I think you get the point.  But, seriously…it’s just awesome!

Second scenario…cold weather rains…or as some like to call it….PR time!  Imagine a nice cool temperature run, flanked by a nice misty or even steady (not downpour) rain that allows your body to stay at a nice temperate zone throughout the entire time period.  Yeah…that’s what it’s all about!  No cramping!  No excess fluid intake!  No heat related injuries…or well…limited.  You want a PR?  Stretch…wear some layering…prepare to get a little wet…and get out there for these runs!

The last one is…well…sprinters paradise…but not in a good way.  These are the surprise, freak showers.  We all get it…sometimes a small quick run allows the mind to clear and things to get done. It doesn’t help when the skies open up and a downpour occurs.  Especially when you need to get somewhere or don’t have a way to “dry out everything!”  Sometimes we all just don’t plan well, and rain happens.  All one can say is try and embrace it and get a little wetter than you had anticipated…ok…a lot more.  Plus…it gives you a chance to work on your sprints!

If you can enjoy the different factors of a little rain…then believe you and me…it’s gonna be a good time!  There is something about running through a misty pouring of water around you while you get your heart rate a soaring.  Things get soaked…shoes get soggy…socks feel like a swamp…and your shirt sticks to you like a sweet tooth to a piece of cake!  Get out…get wet…and get running!  But please…before you go out the door…just so while you are slipping and sliding all over the place…do us all one favor to eliminate at least one of the crazy factors….look down….and lace up!

Photos: http://drivenoutside.com/blog/?tag=bike; http://leif-j.deviantart.com/art/Marge-running-in-the-rain-60795033?moodonly=24


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