This diver is a wee bit nutty…

Lady swimming on fin with shark above. That sentence alone pretty much describes why I wouldn’t do the scenario below. Now is the quote by the famed marine ecologist absolutely accurate? Yes! I tell my kids all the time that there is more under the water we haven’t seen than we have, which cosmically is just an absolutely crazy thought.

Now…if they were to catch a glimpse of this pic, it could go one of two ways:

1). My science related one…in which they say, “Wow! Let’s go explore that deep dark blue, and see what else is down there and swim with the predators like this lady is and look for that same giant squid of fame and fortune!”

2). That’s a friggin great White she’s swimming with! Is she crazy?!? I’m not going in the water ever again!

All told…who knows which they would pick, but more power to this lady. By the way…notice how big her fins are? Do you put those on in the water or out? Trying to figure out how to walk with those at the moment.


Not sure I like any celebrity this much…

She tattooed a “big fan.” Why in the heck would you let an under trained celebrity put a tattoo on you? I guess it is a big story to tell about your new little happy face near your toe line, but what if it turns into an un-happy weird looking yellow dot that people are like…”ewww…looks like you got the funk man!

Margot Robbie tattooed a member of this U.K. TV hosts staff, because, well, Harrison Ford, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Gosling all declined! Well duh!

I can’t think of a single member of the elite celebrity that I would want to tattoo something on me just because. Unless I fine out that they are currently members of an elite inking squad and practice every hour in their off screen time and have developed new and innovative ways to push the tattooing community forward, would I allow this to happen.

It’s forever man! Even if it is a half smile from Harley Quinn!

“Margot Robbie Just Nervously Tattooed A Fan During A TV Interview – HuffPost”

Time off…Ok, Ok, Ok. Fine!

Taking some time off from work and traveling down south.  Obviously having fun, and sometimes the body just needs a break.  When do you know when it needs a break?  In my opinion after running for twenty years, you just know.  Unless you come down with some crazy injury and your back just falls out or your leg falls off, or foot breaks, or who knows what else…your body just tells you.

It might be an ache and pain, or a time when you just feel burnt out.  Literally you wake up and feel like running is a chore.  At that point…right there…stop…hammer time…and take a day off.  Like I am…like the pictures below…at a nice exotic pool, where I will be enjoying umbrella drinks and cool swims in the heat.  Yes…I will enjoy it.  Thanks for asking.

images (1)

If I were a supervillian…

The below monster/humanoid/mutant/science experiment/weapon might be the scariest most lethal combination they’ve ever created in the marvel world out there.

I mean, who takes Hulk, Wolverine, and all the other fits and combines them into one mean green slicing dicing machine, but a super villainous organization meant to bring on world domination…and…IF…one would go up against said organization it would take an army, a squadron of tanks and about 40 jets just to make a chink in the armor under the skin that…oh yeah…heals on its own because it’s friggin Wolverine!

Yep…if I were a super villain…scientifically created…this might be a good choice!

Still gotta run…on a moving boat!

It’s cruising season!  Well, in truth, I don’t think cruise ships ever take time off.  I mean does it ever really get to the point down in the bahamas, or islands, or just about anywhere a cruise ship would go in which they would not send a ship there (take storms, and hurricanes, and pirates…aside)?

Well, when you are addicted to running and need that boost in endorphins, you gotta find a way to get your move on.  A nice clean treadmill will only go so far, and let’s be honest, a neat little run around an improvised track on a moving ship is kind of a cool way to do such.


When we took our first cruise I was kind of not understanding the whole level of the ship that contained a track, but then when I saw it, it came into focus.  I was picturing this giant cruise ship with an olympic size track around it.  Come to find out…and spoiler alert if you’ve never been on a cruise ship before…the track is slightly smaller…slightly narrower…and you gotta watch out for passer-bys pretty much the entire time.  Don’t bring headphones…too tight of an area.  Just enjoy the ocean or port.  Just don’t fall off.  It’s pretty hard to stop one of these things just to get your clumsy behind out of the big blue ocean!


**I’ve never seen this track above…but trust me…it would have helped out tremendously on the trips we took.  Those still look a little tight for me.  Might be feeling some draft or some elbows flying by.  Just sayin.

Am I really getting old? I hurt…

Seriously! All it takes now is a 5 mile run from the day before (granted it was faster than normal and in the afternoon when normally I run in the morning), and I am struggling every dang time I get outta the car today. It feels like I’m waking up first thing in the morning every time I move from the sitting position, which is quite often.

Let’s backtrack here…

1). Walk the entire day to get ready for this run because I missed my morning run because I had to be in the OR. Check

2). Slowly warm up on the run into a nice gradual pace. Check

3). Get into a groove and decide I can pick it up at about mile 2 because I’m feeling pretty good. Check

4). Finish it out strong and not too strained. Check

5). Here’s the kicker…STRETCH afterwards for a good 10 minutes all different types of leg stretches. CHECK!

6). Drink Water!!!!! Check!

I just don’t get it. Now I feel like I’m falling apart and a creaky old door. Do better body so I can be like a flying trapeze artist jumping and skipping to my next obstacle with the greatest of ease!

Run outside? Get behind…or on top of this initiative!

So I often stay in relatively middle sized to smaller sized towns here in the southeast, and in a large proportion, the hotels are located on major roadways within the town limits.  The counties down here are often considered to be some of the lesser healthy ones (in fact in a most recent study, 4 South Georgia cities ranked in the top 10 unhealthiest in the country).  In my humble, yet truthful opinion, I believe this is in direct proportion to a lack of sidewalks around the town!  Not to mention the sweet tea, pecan pie, and homemade wine (with all respect to Zac Brown).

Leave the hotel in the morning for a nice cool jog, and bam!  Right into traffic, dodging and weaving and running on packed down grass instead of a nice paved walkway.  Even worse, is that some times the grass is so hardly packed down that you are almost creating a natural sidewalk instead!  There are some environmentalists out there who say, “Don’t hurt the environment, don’t hurt the green.”  There is no green left in these “spots.”


People get deterred away from walking their dog, or running to the store, or leaving their home and walking to the mall instead of taking their car.  You want to help the environment?  Make a dang sidewalk so people are encouraged to use it!  Make a dang sidewalk so people aren’t playing russian roulette with the oncoming barrage of cars!  Make a dang sidewalk so that all people, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, food likes, social media posts, sports teams, geographic region of ancestry, wealth, income, hairstyle….alright….I think I’m going a little too far here…but all in all…just make the dang sidewalk!


**The above is from Denver, which obviously, is already taking initiative here to be extremely healthy.  Don’t call me out on that one.  It was just a really good picture of what I am getting at.  Leave it be.

Reasons to Run – Pimento Cheese!

I have a love.  This love is for a mayo based, cheddar cheese concoction that God put on this earth for one purpose and one purpose only.  To make us fat.  It is sooooooo good though.  Hence, why I run extensively for this one.

Pimento Cheese, basically parts mayo, large shredded parts cheddar cheese, and diced pimento peppers (with or without Jalapenos) is absolutely another reason I run.  This stuff can be put on anything from crackers to sandwiches down here in the south, and whatever your mind can come to.

I’ve put this on bread, crackers, slices of cheese, pretzels, pizza, wings, cheese sticks, chicken fingers, chick-fil-a sandwiches, my finger, fruit, steak, pork, yes…I did say my finger.  It doesn’t matter what you put this on, it’s going to taste good.  Plus, if you like something with a little spice to it, it’s already ingrained in there with the peppers!


Now…my hidden gem is this little place in Brevard, NC, which works out quite well, because when we are up there in the Western NC Mountains, there is some good running to be had in the Pisgah region (I got lost one time on those roads, and turned a 3 miler into a 9 miler – love those hills).  This little place is called Rocky’s Grill and Soda Shop.  They serve two types of Pimento Cheese Hot Dogs!  I mean come on!  They sear grill the bun, and then put a nice hotdog on there and slather it in pimento cheese, with or without jalapenos!  Just heaven.

This little joker is not going away, and trust me, we’ll be talking about this guy again.


Rock my bridge…I mean world!

Running, hiking, biking, who cares when you see a pic like this. I saw it on the web from a history site showing this rock bridge and hiker traversing it in the 60s I believe. It’s just stunning what Mother Nature can do. My goodness. It’s like a mountainside version of Arches National Park. Just incredible!

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