Old Shoe Woes

So went through a pair of shoes about 6 months ago, and for the first time noticed I was wearing down the front toe box. My feet definitely didn’t grow, so it had to be something I was doing with my running or gait or something. I mean my feet stopped growing 20 years ago!

So, I just waited for the next pair to come in, thinking it might be something with just that pair. Well, six months later, now…that same wear and tear at the toe box occurred. It was summer time so I was even running outside more, which is where I naturally run versus a treadmill where I might be slamming up against it.

Long and short, went to a brand specific store to find out what was up, and found out they changed my shoe toe box to remove a stitch that had been there for years and prevented me from wearing, literally a hole in the shoe.

All in all, don’t really care because shoes still work, and I can still run in them even with the hole. I’ll just wear them on Sunday when they are retired…because they are now…”holy.”

*I went up a size for my next pair


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