Signs of Old (1)

Let’s just make this simple…Father Time is making his way down my street.  I’ll be putting some timely observations of when this seems to be happening.  Today just so happens to be related to my morning run:

Did a nice 50min on the treadmill, and even before I was able to get on there, I had to take the incredibly long period of time to warm up.

So what does warm up mean?  Before ol mister FT showed up, it was nothing more than a hop, skip and a jump right into my run.  Now…oh no…it’s a warm walk up to take the kids to the bus stop, then another long walk to wherever I am going to start my run, maybe another few minutes to limber up the legs, and then finally a short walk just to get started.

Not done yet…now I have to stretch afterwards too!!!  Another post for another day.


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