Apple’s Rainbow Circles

I admit it…I’m addicted.  Not to something bad, or that would cause my health to decline to an extent where I would need to go obtain help.

No, this is something that is based on a black screen, and shows wonderful rainbow colors once it is finished and completed.  If I do not get this by the end of the day I churn and feel like something was not accomplished.  I feel as though I am a failure, and that things are not as they should be.  All in the world is going to come to an end eventually if I do not obtain the completeness that comes from these rainbow filled circles.

By now, you probably understand that I am talking about the stupid Apple Circles within the workout app.  I use my Apple Series 2 everyday, and even change the wrist bands when I have to wear it to work.  Hey…look…I gotta make sure I measure my steps, and stand-ups.  It’s the blue circle!

apple activity-icon

By the way…what’s the difference between movement and calories burned?  I mean..really…shouldn’t we all just be doing some workouts?

If my day doesn’t end with something like looking like this weird eyeball looking thing above…then something bad may be in the future.


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