Be “Buff”

Hats are fine.  They seem to keep the sweat out on a hot day, or even a cool day.  Either day is the case when you are sporting a shaved head clean look like me.  I just need something that wasn’t going to be dripping off the brim, or even still allowing sweat right in my eyes during a run.

I FOUND IT!  These bandanas by Buff are incredible!

I bought a standard one here below and used it on a couple of runs in high heat fully wanting to test it out and see how it performed.  It was totally worth it!

  • Sweat stayed out of my eyes
  • Didn’t have to wipe it off my brow and fling it on my shirt
  • Wasn’t constantly worried my shirt was going to get soaked
  • Didn’t have a yellow or soaked hat that now has a funky brim to deal with
  • Didn’t have to worry about a hat fitting my enormous melon
  • Can wear glasses if needed and not have to worry about the brim

Yes…I could wear a visor, but I just can’t seem to do that living near all these golf communities.  I still picture Sir Willy III teeing off with Beatrice on the first hole with their visors slapped on.  Just not my look.

buff headwear

Running is supposed to be a rugged sport…started by someone who basically was trying to get food…you know…a caveman.  I mean let’s get something cool to keep the sweat out of our eyes.

Oh…by the way…it’s moisture wicking too!

Check them out at or


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