Isn’t Depp missing something?

So I’m doing a treadmill run today, and the TV is on without the sound because I’m listening to the new Foo Fighters Concrete and Gold, which by the way is amazing!

The Johnny Depp cologne ad for Dior comes on and I immediately notice something.

Now…is it that Depp is doing a cologne ad? Hell no. I mean that’s like peas and carrots.

Is it that Depp is dressed like some new age cowboy? Nope…yet again like day with the sun.

At the end of the commercial he proceeds to “bury” his past life by literally shedding all his jewelry and such into a hole he’s dug in the desert.

Johnny! You missed the eyeliner man! Take a Kleenex and wipe that crap off. You look like a vampire! Guess it’s good for the ladies though…

It’s amazing what you catch on a treadmill run when there is no sound to distract you on these ads.


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