A runner’s car

What constitutes a runner’s car? I guess it could really be anything. Heck…runners may not even own a car depending where they live, work, move, Run, bike, etc.

They may literally be too young to own a car, love you little guys.

Does it take a sticker on the back of a uniquely stick figure-esh person looking like they are in mid stride, or a fresh European distance sticker with their most recent race accomplishment posted? Maybe…

For some reason though, the other day I was playing matchbox with my little guy, and this one stuck out to me as being a good runner’s car.

Looks gas sufficient, which runner’s are generally caring about.

They don’t need a lot of height off the ground I would think if they are road warriors.

Runner’s love shiny graphics. Just look at all the shirts we get.

Plus lots of space to store all those old worn out shoes. Plus, if you are thinking about making your 10K a 10K plus 13 mile bike, throw that bad boy in there.

Anyways…one car possibility.


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