Who is Lara Croft? I’m gonna find out!

Look…didn’t grow up a big Lara Croft fan, and didn’t even really understand what the whole video game was about.  Was she a female version of Indiana Jones? Was she some kind of tropical adventurer seeking fortune and fame?  Was she fighting off zombies in some futuristic world in which there were no more signs of life except the trees and bows and arrows she slung around her and threw at whatever was keeping her from getting to the next pay day or movie?

Never saw any of the Angelina versions, so when I heard recently that they were coming out with a revamped version, I kind of put it to the side and didn’t think much about it.

STOP.  So today I randomly said, fine…I’ll check out the trailer…it’s only two minutes long…and what’s the harm there…OH MY GOODNESS…I WILL SEE THIS MOVIE.  PERIOD.  Check it out below:


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