Yet Another Reason Baseball Fans Will Never Go Away…we are too nice.

Did you see this whole thing shake out at the Twins – White Sox Game the other night?  So long story short, foul ball goes into the stands, and a Chicago kid runs over in his white and black jersey to grab the souvenir that is now rummaging under empty seats by the foul pole.  He’s obviously not the only one there looking for it, but in the long run, he comes out with it fair and square…for about three seconds…literally!

A woman with a unique shirt comes storming in, I think maybe says three words to the twenty something in the jersey and somehow in a nice way pries the ball away from his hands.  The kid in the end is stunned…the woman walks away clutching her prize like it’s a new piece of jewelry she can wear to the midnight ball.

Look…if my kid were there, and he really wanted that foul ball…I might do the same thing the woman did, but it doesn’t look like she’s dragging along a toddler of any sort.

Longer story longer, the white six brass came down and gave the twenty something a ball.

Wasn’t the south side of Chicago known to be a little tougher than the Wrigley group?  What happened there kid?  Maybe a little tighter on that grip next time.



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