24 hour run…I’d do it this time too!

This guy is running 24 hours for Girls on the Run, an incredible program designed to help girls get out there and…well…run! As a dad of a girl…I love it! Look, it takes some people to write checks, some people to speak out, some people to virtually run, and some people to actually run sometimes to make something get noticed.

Not all situations are like Forrest Gump in that running for such a long period of time would be just because he “felt like running.” I would say unless your training for some ridiculous distance run to enlighten your Forrest Gump, then it probably is for a cause of some sort. If it were me…this one sounds pretty gosh darn good.

So for all the girls out there getting there start this year with moving their legs fast, good luck and good strides. For this guy…congrats man…your getting noticed and your helping a great program!

Wichita man running for 24 hours straight for a cause


2 thoughts on “24 hour run…I’d do it this time too!

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    1. Hey thanks! I track it to the point that I know what I did that day. I don’t try and get too attached to it unless I’m training for something. I’m pretty much a minimalist outside. It took me a while to just get away from a simple timex stopwatch setting to an upgrade.


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