Ohhh Kanye…

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye…

This one doesn’t do you much justice. Look, you are lyrically and musically what some would consider a modern genius, and can insert yourself into the public like no one ever has before, but what’s going on here?

The guys at Old Row have defined this incredibly well, because if you go back and look at most of our old photos from Freshmen year, this is exactly the case. Primarily because freshmen year is the only year in which you actually cared about what you wore each and every day, and what you left the room in. By sophomore year, none of your clothes fit any more and the idea of doing laundry on items on a consistent basis was just out of the question.

So…here’s to you Kanye…and the guys at Old Row…in identifying a truly remarkable piece of…well…whatever it is.


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