Reasons to Run – Pimento Cheese!

I have a love.  This love is for a mayo based, cheddar cheese concoction that God put on this earth for one purpose and one purpose only.  To make us fat.  It is sooooooo good though.  Hence, why I run extensively for this one.

Pimento Cheese, basically parts mayo, large shredded parts cheddar cheese, and diced pimento peppers (with or without Jalapenos) is absolutely another reason I run.  This stuff can be put on anything from crackers to sandwiches down here in the south, and whatever your mind can come to.

I’ve put this on bread, crackers, slices of cheese, pretzels, pizza, wings, cheese sticks, chicken fingers, chick-fil-a sandwiches, my finger, fruit, steak, pork, yes…I did say my finger.  It doesn’t matter what you put this on, it’s going to taste good.  Plus, if you like something with a little spice to it, it’s already ingrained in there with the peppers!


Now…my hidden gem is this little place in Brevard, NC, which works out quite well, because when we are up there in the Western NC Mountains, there is some good running to be had in the Pisgah region (I got lost one time on those roads, and turned a 3 miler into a 9 miler – love those hills).  This little place is called Rocky’s Grill and Soda Shop.  They serve two types of Pimento Cheese Hot Dogs!  I mean come on!  They sear grill the bun, and then put a nice hotdog on there and slather it in pimento cheese, with or without jalapenos!  Just heaven.

This little joker is not going away, and trust me, we’ll be talking about this guy again.



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