Run outside? Get behind…or on top of this initiative!

So I often stay in relatively middle sized to smaller sized towns here in the southeast, and in a large proportion, the hotels are located on major roadways within the town limits.  The counties down here are often considered to be some of the lesser healthy ones (in fact in a most recent study, 4 South Georgia cities ranked in the top 10 unhealthiest in the country).  In my humble, yet truthful opinion, I believe this is in direct proportion to a lack of sidewalks around the town!  Not to mention the sweet tea, pecan pie, and homemade wine (with all respect to Zac Brown).

Leave the hotel in the morning for a nice cool jog, and bam!  Right into traffic, dodging and weaving and running on packed down grass instead of a nice paved walkway.  Even worse, is that some times the grass is so hardly packed down that you are almost creating a natural sidewalk instead!  There are some environmentalists out there who say, “Don’t hurt the environment, don’t hurt the green.”  There is no green left in these “spots.”


People get deterred away from walking their dog, or running to the store, or leaving their home and walking to the mall instead of taking their car.  You want to help the environment?  Make a dang sidewalk so people are encouraged to use it!  Make a dang sidewalk so people aren’t playing russian roulette with the oncoming barrage of cars!  Make a dang sidewalk so that all people, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, food likes, social media posts, sports teams, geographic region of ancestry, wealth, income, hairstyle….alright….I think I’m going a little too far here…but all in all…just make the dang sidewalk!


**The above is from Denver, which obviously, is already taking initiative here to be extremely healthy.  Don’t call me out on that one.  It was just a really good picture of what I am getting at.  Leave it be.


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