Am I really getting old? I hurt…

Seriously! All it takes now is a 5 mile run from the day before (granted it was faster than normal and in the afternoon when normally I run in the morning), and I am struggling every dang time I get outta the car today. It feels like I’m waking up first thing in the morning every time I move from the sitting position, which is quite often.

Let’s backtrack here…

1). Walk the entire day to get ready for this run because I missed my morning run because I had to be in the OR. Check

2). Slowly warm up on the run into a nice gradual pace. Check

3). Get into a groove and decide I can pick it up at about mile 2 because I’m feeling pretty good. Check

4). Finish it out strong and not too strained. Check

5). Here’s the kicker…STRETCH afterwards for a good 10 minutes all different types of leg stretches. CHECK!

6). Drink Water!!!!! Check!

I just don’t get it. Now I feel like I’m falling apart and a creaky old door. Do better body so I can be like a flying trapeze artist jumping and skipping to my next obstacle with the greatest of ease!


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