Still gotta run…on a moving boat!

It’s cruising season!  Well, in truth, I don’t think cruise ships ever take time off.  I mean does it ever really get to the point down in the bahamas, or islands, or just about anywhere a cruise ship would go in which they would not send a ship there (take storms, and hurricanes, and pirates…aside)?

Well, when you are addicted to running and need that boost in endorphins, you gotta find a way to get your move on.  A nice clean treadmill will only go so far, and let’s be honest, a neat little run around an improvised track on a moving ship is kind of a cool way to do such.


When we took our first cruise I was kind of not understanding the whole level of the ship that contained a track, but then when I saw it, it came into focus.  I was picturing this giant cruise ship with an olympic size track around it.  Come to find out…and spoiler alert if you’ve never been on a cruise ship before…the track is slightly smaller…slightly narrower…and you gotta watch out for passer-bys pretty much the entire time.  Don’t bring headphones…too tight of an area.  Just enjoy the ocean or port.  Just don’t fall off.  It’s pretty hard to stop one of these things just to get your clumsy behind out of the big blue ocean!


**I’ve never seen this track above…but trust me…it would have helped out tremendously on the trips we took.  Those still look a little tight for me.  Might be feeling some draft or some elbows flying by.  Just sayin.


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