Not sure I like any celebrity this much…

She tattooed a “big fan.” Why in the heck would you let an under trained celebrity put a tattoo on you? I guess it is a big story to tell about your new little happy face near your toe line, but what if it turns into an un-happy weird looking yellow dot that people are like…”ewww…looks like you got the funk man!

Margot Robbie tattooed a member of this U.K. TV hosts staff, because, well, Harrison Ford, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Gosling all declined! Well duh!

I can’t think of a single member of the elite celebrity that I would want to tattoo something on me just because. Unless I fine out that they are currently members of an elite inking squad and practice every hour in their off screen time and have developed new and innovative ways to push the tattooing community forward, would I allow this to happen.

It’s forever man! Even if it is a half smile from Harley Quinn!

“Margot Robbie Just Nervously Tattooed A Fan During A TV Interview – HuffPost”


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