This diver is a wee bit nutty…

Lady swimming on fin with shark above. That sentence alone pretty much describes why I wouldn’t do the scenario below. Now is the quote by the famed marine ecologist absolutely accurate? Yes! I tell my kids all the time that there is more under the water we haven’t seen than we have, which cosmically is just an absolutely crazy thought.

Now…if they were to catch a glimpse of this pic, it could go one of two ways:

1). My science related one…in which they say, “Wow! Let’s go explore that deep dark blue, and see what else is down there and swim with the predators like this lady is and look for that same giant squid of fame and fortune!”

2). That’s a friggin great White she’s swimming with! Is she crazy?!? I’m not going in the water ever again!

All told…who knows which they would pick, but more power to this lady. By the way…notice how big her fins are? Do you put those on in the water or out? Trying to figure out how to walk with those at the moment.


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