Time off…Ok, Ok, Ok. Fine!

Taking some time off from work and traveling down south.  Obviously having fun, and sometimes the body just needs a break.  When do you know when it needs a break?  In my opinion after running for twenty years, you just know.  Unless you come down with some crazy injury and your back just falls out or your leg falls off, or foot breaks, or who knows what else…your body just tells you.

It might be an ache and pain, or a time when you just feel burnt out.  Literally you wake up and feel like running is a chore.  At that point…right there…stop…hammer time…and take a day off.  Like I am…like the pictures below…at a nice exotic pool, where I will be enjoying umbrella drinks and cool swims in the heat.  Yes…I will enjoy it.  Thanks for asking.

images (1)


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