Running Halloween Killer Clowns! – Quick Hit

There is always one scary movie that will just stay with you as a kid, and will always be in the back of your mind on nights when you can’t sleep. Mine?…Freaking Killer Clowns from Outer Space!! That cotton candy! Yech! So the below is that much scarier!


Running Halloween Witches! – Quick Hit

Not quite the shirt most folks would want to wear, but pretty appropriate for today…unless you truly are a person of a certain religious order drawing pentagrams on the floor asking for an occult type of message from beyond the grave. Just sayin.’

Mountain Bike Utah Madness!

This guy is flipping like crazy and is about to cause any viewer to need a patch in order to not get seasick! Dude is hugging this ridgeline like it’s a lifeline on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!

At certain points it literally looks like there are just two people there pointing their fingers to tell him… “uhhhh…go that way!” Oh…right…down that hill of dirt versus this one. My goodness this guy is good! This track is in incredible shape too! Just a perfectly layer out dirt path coming right down the top of the ridge all the way down to an incredible few jumps and lands to give the rider a nice clean path down…just incredible!

Ohhhh…Utah…how do I love thee…let me count the ways…

Jimmy G…gone to the Niners!

Well there you go…Bill Belichik officially believes Jimmy G is not the QB of the future…or Tom Brady just told him he’s going to retire and Bill said… “Well ok then. Me too!” Here’s a second round pick. Do what you will Patriots.

Happy Gilmore-ish Story – Quick Hit

This is absolutely the most Shooter McGavin story ever…now for it to be the actual actor being the one that did this stupid thing…is just absurd. All I’m picturing is the giant guy with the nail in his head running after him yelling… “Don’t Drink and Drive!”

Shooter McGavin actor gets arrested for DUI, tells cops he was in Happy Gilmore

Not to condone it…but…

I don’t think anyone condones the below message as something all full fledged college students should do…but this does bring up an interesting point here. Although for the sake of the GOT world, I kinda hope the last one works out. If not…well…then their all ice zombies working towards a galactic popsicle here soon, and college really won’t matter for anyone any more since the Citadel will just be a giant bombsicle…if you catch my drift.

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