A take on a running proposal…

This was just really cute.  Who didn’t look at this article about this guy and just go awww!  It does bring up an interesting thought on what do we do when those endorphins rage!  I mean I can think of some times when after an incredible run, usually post 50 degree faster than I have ever ran before jumping through circles of fire situations, I have thought about doing some crazy stuff.

“When endorphins take over an impromptu marriage proposal at the finish line – runners world”

Heck…even on some of my treadmill runs, I start to wonder if I could pull off a “stand on my head, loop dee loop and land back on my feet” type of trick.  Most of the time it occurs when I’m listening to some killer song and my pace is just amazing, and I’m pushing myself, and not to mention, keeping up with it.


These crazy little buggers sure do pack a punch (endorphins that is), and in this guys case, he jumped right in to the wonderful world of getting together with his future bride to be and making that final commitment.  So one more time from one married guy to another…good luck…best wishes…and awwwww!



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