LSU…what did you do?

Driving through Alabama you find these billboards all over with half a face and then the other half of the face is covered by a Trojan warrior mask. It’s a pretty cool ad campaign for a campus that is in a state that is pretty much entirely taken over by 2 colleges, and even then in looking at a map of how counties vote for their allegiance, Auburn fans are pretty isolated to the south central/central east part. The rest is heavily Crimson.

For a University, which by the way, has a pretty cool name, mascot, ad campaign, but incredibly spread out campus more adept at getting what seems like transient student base to walk into Baton Rouge, and beat the heck out of LS…friggin U is a feat thats pretty incredible. These men of Troy, who hail from the Sunbelt conference of all places, just took it to the tigers and splayed their striped fur all over.

Oh…by the way…it was homecoming at LSU. Good luck with that alum! Enjoy your Canes tonight.

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Troy got paid $985K to crash that party.

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