Public Music from Anyone…pretty neat.

So my wife was lingering around this outdoor mall area with one of the kiddos and she thought she saw something kind of out of place. Well sure enough it was what she thought. It wasn’t a mirage, or a prop, or a piece of funky art…well…maybe a piece of funky art…It was a white, painted, workable piano! Just sitting there in the middle of the public fountain grass area for anyone to come on over and play.

Here’s the story below, and how it impacted the area. It’s a really cool thought to just have anyone from 1 to 100 years old come on over and bang away at the keys for a while. Whether it’s a progression of dissonance or the full fledged “fur de Lise,” who cares! Music is music and to have it sing out into the air is a pretty cool thing.

I’ve always been fascinated with piano playing in general because it takes two hands acting independently, but extremely coordinated to bring this beautiful sound out.

So…next time you see one of these guys, or, if you’re some sort of city planner needing an idea…try this. See what people hammer out on the white and black pegs and just sit back and listen to nature’s Apple Music.


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