Running Locale – Big Creek Greenway

No matter what place you think this is referencing, whether it’s way down in Fulton County or way up North almost near Sawnee Mountain, this hidden gem of the northern Atlanta suburbs is a pretty great run. It stretches for so many different sections and advancements and spurs that the total distance would be incredibly hard to measure.

The number of streams and tributaries it crosses of the actual Big Creek is too numerous to mention and the closeness it gets to just about every major city running north of Atlanta is too awesome to think about. Everyone…well…just about everyone in the upper suburbs can access this.

A recent article names Forsyth County as the fittest county in Georgia, and the availability and access to this Greenway system is a big piece as to why. Everyone wants access, and developers are building things that are going to have even more access.

From concrete slab pieces to whole bridge systems that don’t allow the bottom to settle on the naturally occurring foliage, this environmental masterpiece truly allows the runner to experience the Northern Georgia area as it was meant to be.

So…for visitors…check it out. For locals…take a moment…put down the Chick-Fil-a or sweet tea, and go for a run and experience this great pathway in your backyard.

By the way…it connects to North Point Mall, and the soon to be built Halcyon multi-use shopping area, so for you shoppers out there…no excuse!


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