Even subway seats are blasting the Knicks!

Can someone please confirm this is happening? This FS1 ad campaign on the NYC subway line is just incredible. As a lifelong Knicks fan, hoping and praying for days when it looked like the early 90’s, this just hits right at home. The best ones on there in my humble opinion are the trio of seats right next to each other with “Sit here if you blame (blank).” Truthfully, you could add about five more seats in that row and come up with names like Pat Riley, Isaiah Thomas, etc.

I mean my goodness Knicks! I’m not one to put too much effort into a sports team or even get emotionally attached to one, but it would be nice in this lifetime to actually see the greatest city in the world win at the sport that thrives in those streets.

Play on boys…and I hope this season the ball finds the net a lot more than the previous 23 years!


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