Runners get stinky too. Here’s one solution.

Flora and Fauna…everyone has their own. Apparently scientifically each person in the world has their own chemical make-up of what they smell like and what in turn smells good to them and how other things might smell to them.

I think even because of this we can all agree that stale wet hot garbage smells pretty awful, as well as the sight, sounds and in this case the very potent smell of vomit. Now…that’s not the purpose here of this. Here, it is to highlight, one brand of soap that I’ve found to be inherently good at making me feel and smell good after a run, which can be a challenge sometimes in this southern heat.

The “Dove Men Care” “Deep Clean” version is incredible!!

First off it has these little tiny beads built into the soap that make it feel like you are literally grinding away dirt and grime! How cool is that! It’s like taking a nice gentle sandpaper to the skin. In all honesty I’ve had the opportunity to stay at some spa type of hotels, and every now and then you get one of these types of bars in the room. When I found out I could just buy it and have it smell like a man too, hello?!?

Take the two bar challenge…they come in big packs and smaller packs. You don’t like it…don’t buy it again. That simple. This guy was converted! Try the sandpaper!


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