Subway Singer – “Unchained Melody”

Preface: Love this song…love this guy…love his voice…love the solo guitar…love it all!

This guy has like a million views on you tube now, and since he got on America’s got Talent, he’s pretty much a celebrity.

I love everything about this guy!

First off, public displays of music are the heart of this country and if you’ve got vocal chords like him, you are doing a disservice to this country if you don’t go find a subway station with great acoustics and belt out some slow moving enchanted version of a ballad meant for 50s and 60s homecoming dances. You want passion? Look at this guy hanging on every note with just the accompaniment of a single guitar player.

Even the Righteous Brothers had an entire orchestral arrangement behind them to bring out the full force of this incredible song. This guy though…from the humble streets of New York, singing his heart out, with emotion and feel…bring it on Home!

Who cares where he comes from, or what he does when he leaves there. He gets to that corner, asks the guitarist to start playing and basically sits back and lets his vocal chords do the rest. He knows the song because he knows the song. Like so many of us who sing in the car or in church or in the cube at work, or cleaning at home…it’s just a part of you.

Belt it out dude!

By the way…look at his most recent videos…he’s got a drummer now.


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