“Arrr” – The Punisher!

Frank Castle in whatever form you would like to see him in is pretty much one of the coolest guys out there. As one of the basic heroes whose pizzaz solely comes from grit, determination and revenge, it’s pretty difficult to not root for this guy.

Sure…nobodies perfect, and everyone has their flaws, but his can be put aside for down ride badness!

He doesn’t have a cape, doesn’t have flashy armor with glowing things, doesn’t have weird cosmic entities backing him up or super human genetic powers that can teleport or control kinds or matter. His biggest enemy is a drug lord mafia guy, and with each page turn it is still just a basic fight of good (well kind of) against evil!

He could come up with some kind of cool slogan or saying though…like… “you’ve been punished” or “I’m the punisher…here’s your sentence” or “punishing is a coming” or “punishment ain’t a wack on the butt this time” or “time for a time out.” I’ve got a million of these.

Here’s his whole story and future with netflix:


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