Beginner to Elite? Possible?

So Brooks is tagging a new line based on this story in Popular Science, that they’ve developed a shoe technology so energy effficient it can make the beginner runner even better…if I’m reading this right…up to 72% better…I think.

It’s got something to do with midsole spring bounce and making it all equal to the coefficient of my dogs slobber on the sole. No seriously…it lost me after the author started to explain some of the physics, hence why I am not an avid subscriber to popular science.

I’m all about making runners better, and if we can focus on the 98% rather than the 2% of elite runners out there, then more power to you. I mean that’s where the money is…right? Look at how many folks graduate from Asics Gel Cumulus to Nimbus to top of the line Kayanos in a matter of three cycles because they “feel” good, and maybe…just maybe they shave off 30 seconds on their 5K time.

Or…or…maybe it was the extra time put in at the gym, or treadmill or laps around the track…or even…wait for it…time spent on your feet running those miles because you enjoy it. There are a million ways to get your speeds up, and I’m not quite sure I’m all in on using top of the line show technology for beginners is quite there yet. But who knows…maybe it is.


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