“Smog Jog” – Shanghai Running on the rise!

This headline from the guardian just made me laugh this morning, but truth be told it’s a pretty interesting thought. Overall it’s just an article highlighting the ever increasing popularity of the running community in Shanghai, which for all intensive purposes looks like a beautiful modern city set in this large country. Having some neighbors from Shanghai, it’s neat to talk with them about what they miss or what it’s like over there.

From a running perspective, I mean you can’t really beat it! It’s basically like running in New York! You’ve got all these neighborhoods and parks and cultural areas because of all the western influence that was brought way back when. To hear there is a growing runners community makes perfect sense…now…get rid of the smog!

“Smart Tracks and ‘smog jogs’: the rapid rise of Shanghai’s running clubs” – The Guardian

Ultimately that’s where I laughed at the headline and started to picture an elite athlete running through the city, pacing a good time, and then all of a sudden bending down on both knees hacking up a lung, sounding like a smoker of thirty years. I know it’s not at all like that, but political cartoons are meant to over emphasize a point…so that picture in my head did the same!

China…land of mystery…Shanghai…smog jog! Doesn’t quite sound right…but try running in 100% humidity in the south during the summer and see what you think. Might be our version of the smog jog.



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