The Rancor! Sort of…

Pretty sure this is not how the story ended with the Rancor in ROTJ…but it’s a great thought. Nursing the big guy back to health with some bandages on his head after the big giant metal spiked door slammed down on his neck and impaled him. Sure…soup…that’s all that takes.

It is an interesting concept though to think this giant drooling monstrosity was once a small little being born like all of us and raised like all of us by some parental figure…in this case a larger, no shirt, weird helmet wearing desert guy, who somehow ended up in the Don Corleone of Tatooine’s lair. Wonder how that conversation went…

“Hey…you…you got some big giant monster that can eat people that wouldn’t mind being in a cage?”


But still…the Rancor…could have survived…right? And maybe…just maybe he will get his revenge on Luke for the giant headache he gave him! You never know…

Could just take some Motrin and call it a day though. Just sayin.


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