USMNT – Game Day and Bruce oh Bruce…

Brucey Brucey Brucey. Thanks for the letter, but is it really necessary to send this generic piece of literature out to the “fans” of American soccer? I mean if you’re a citizen of the US you’re a fan of American soccer. It’s you’re God-given right to be a fan of American soccer and all we want as fans of American soccer and beaten and battered ones at that of American soccer is a friggin win!

It’s getting ridiculous! Beat Panama (nothing personal Panamanians), and move on to the WC in Russia! Then…and only then…write us some nice long letter asking for support and help and cheering and want and need and apologies and support and blah blah blah. Get there! Come on Brucey! Come on Jozy! Come on Clint! Come on Tim! Come on Christian! Just win!

Cause if you don’t? Oh boy…


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