Disney takes over the Empire!

This has so much more truth than just a cartoon! If you haven’t been to a Disney Park, Store, cruise, event, or just about anything lately (which if you haven’t…where you been?) then you have probably missed the plethora of Star Wars gear, characters, cartoon adaptations, movies, and other nostalgia from the first few films that is now a piece of the Disney franchise.

Since Lucas sold off the rights to the mouse company, it’s basically been a cash cow for the company who also owns ESPN…and with such a devoted fan base…they’re just gonna keep reeling it in. Trust me.

Heck! They’ve made Hollywood studios in Orlando basically an entire Star Wars themed park!! Did anyone even notice they built an Avatar village in Animal Kingdom? Nope! Because they got storm troopers over in Hollywood! Those jokers will just shoot the native blue guys!

Bring on ‘The Last Jedi’ and all the other movies and TV series from there, because at some point…maybe far down the line…it might…just might…surpass the mouse himself. Ok maybe not.


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