Starbucks shut down school…sort of…

It’s fall…crisp…clear…cool…hot chocolate, apple pie, and the mother load of all fall treats and obsessions…pumpkin spice lattes! Now for this absolutely absurd obsession to have created such a hullabaloo at a school to have it shut down is so 2017. We are so scared and tense about everything, thinking that everything is going to cause something. State of the Union…but bring on the pumpkin spice!

Can’t we all just go to home ec (do they still have that class?) make an apple pie, and call it a day?

How about we all go to Starbucks and order a normal drink…say…coffee? Heck! Add some cream to make it more palatable! Quit screwing with your tastebuds and quit shutting down schools pumpkin spice latte! Now give me some sweet potato pie!


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