Ultrasound ain’t just for babies! Runners?

Actually being on the other side of this here, I’ve worked with ultrasound machines for quite a while now. Everyone knows they show mom and dad what their new little tyke is going to look like, and at about week 10-20 are able to show off either something being or not…really…for non parents…it’s that simple and obvious.

Now though, this new version of the sound beams is able to decipher what your muscle energy levels are doing! How awesome is that! Gotta love something being able to say, “Hey! You’re tired!” or “Goofball! Slow down! You’re not gonna make it at this pace!”

Seriously though, think about the training for the elites this will be able to help with, and the nutrition science here in how they can literally fine tune which slice of banana that person should eat in order to shave off 30 seconds or so. The story outlines the science behind the machines.

I picture some elite skinny runner laying on a table, trainer on the side with some pocket sized tablet, and probe, scanning up and down their legs and then they stop! All of a sudden they go, “Oh my! Well looky there. Congratulations…it’s a quadricep!!”



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