Remember hopscotch?…for the insane?

This guy/jumper/leaped/athlete/parcor/insane person decided to play hopscotch sort of. Well…I mean he decided to leap from one solid concrete road to the middle of a spiked section (jumping over a perfectly good, however open stairwell, to another good spine, over a nice plausible open area all while doing so…not from his perfectly good, probably more stable and stronger leg muscles, but using his arms and hands! Did I make that pretty clear as mud for you?

Hey honey…hey dear…what’d you do today?…oh just hung out with the guys…oh yeah? Where?…oh you know that toll

Booth where there are cars whizzing by and staircases to be leapt over?….yep…there…ok dear…goodnight honey bunny.

I picture something like that as this dude downs a Red Bull…TO PUT HIM TO SLEEP!


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