The Dock! – Surfing’s Launch Post?

How this was made…or why it was made is most assuredly somewhere at the end of an idea from the couch cushions on the back of a pizza box with a whole bunch of guys sitting around saying…”yeah, we could do that” or “what if we ran off the dock ONTO the wave?!?” or “what if we had a surfing launch pad that just put us into the wave mid ride?”  or my favorite “Dude…I am tired…can we figure out a way for us to get on this wave without paddling?”

Life’s journey is to find a way to make things easier, and to have your buddies create a fifty foot long floating dock out in the middle of the breaks to ensure yourself a prime spot when that wave breaks so you can ride it in and then swim back out…sun bathe on the float for a little, wait for the next great break…is pretty much one of the cue de tat’s of such journey’s.  I gotta hand it to them…these guys have surfing pretty much figured out.

Now creating a floating dock large enough to handle…let’s say…Mavericks?  On a big wave day?  I would pay to see that…like prime time PPV money!

All in all pretty impressive here.  Keep floating on, or riding on, or something on.  Whatever you call it now with this dock thingy…


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